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Sole owned and operated small business out of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

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Hey there, everyone! I'm Nell, owner and creator at Imagined By Nell. I am an ADHD artist and graphic designer. For those who do not know what an ADHD artist is, also known as a Renaissance Artist, it means that I'll dabble in anything that looks fun. From metalwork and jewelry design, to painting, embroidering, laser crafts, and on down the list. 

I'm an invisible Gen X. You won't see me very often. I prefer being behind the camera far more than being on it. But I love to chat, so if you see me on your social media feed please say hi! I live in a rural Northwest Virginia area about 50 miles southwest of Washington DC with two cats and some yard possums. In my free time I'm generally watching a horror movie while playing Hearthstone on my phone or Minecraft on the switch. If its warm outside, you can generally find me aimlessly wandering around the yard in circles like the typical eccentric lady in your neighborhood. 

Prior to 2020 I was a career server. I waited tables full time and often also had part time second and third jobs to supplement income. Besides bartending and waitressing I've done everything from clean houses, water horses, dispatch in a lumber yard, to working in a call center for a popular clothing company and as a shop girl in a super swanky high end boutique. During the pandemic, when all that came to a halt, I discovered the world of art on the internet and that's when this journey began.

Imagined By Nell officially opened in January of 2021 and since has been met with such a humbling and overwhelming amount of support and love. I am blessed beyond words to be able to have this experience and share my art with you all. 

With the opportunities that have been presented to me, such as official licensing with Sara J. Mass, I plan on continuing to grow and continue to create beautiful trinkets to help adorn your beautiful auras.